Let Your Imagination Run Wild - Romance Science Fiction: Isabel's Bridges

Let Your Imagination Run Wild - Romance Science Fiction: Isabel's Bridges

Mystery Novel

The bridge of isabel is a love story telling the story of Isabel and Alex who belong to a distance world and are forced to escape because their love was forbidden by a prophecy. They managed to locate asylum on Earth and need to adapt to the rules of the cosmic world fulfil and reincarnate responsibilities so as to grow as souls that were evolved.

Struggling with the rules and laws of the cosmic universe, and facing misunderstandings with all the Administrators which are in charge of watching over it, Alex decides to escape and find another way to allow them to become together. However, his transgression is taken as treason, and now he's facing problems to return to Isabel. This is a fascinating story that involves intense feelings suspense, of how things may function in the machine of universes, and also a insight. Love is what keeps the story together during this stunning quest that compels Isabel to make The Bridges.

Lucy Coleman isn't your typical fiction author. After finishing her medical studies proceeded into the UK to pursue her fertility specialization training in Venezuela, and she was born. After a successful career as a fertility doctor and embryologist, she transferred into the Middle East where she's found peace by writing fiction in the desert. She made this set of Isabel's bridges which in some way relates to a number of her own experiences as an embryologist and witness of the beginning of life. She's developed a strong passion for writing and letting people know about this interesting story filled with emotion and humanity values which are the core of our presence.

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